We provide on-site and remote technical support, service and troubleshooting.

We are a locally owned and operated company that has been in business since 2007. Our clients include residential customers, small businesses, retail stores and branches of national companies. With an experienced and certified staff we are ready to help solve your computer problems!


On-site computer delivery, setup & data transfer (1-2-3)

Purchased a computer from SOS to replace your old one? We deliver, setup and transfer over the files from your old computer, up to 5GB to your new one. Available on Oahu only.

Complete Diagnostic & Repair (CDR)

Computer infected with spyware or virus? Do you have a failing part in your system? We’re here to help! We will run a complete hardware and software diagnostic to find the cause and quickly clean and repair the system.

Wireless Networking Setup

Trouble with your wireless or would like to have it set up correctly so that it gives you years of reliable service? Call the professionals! We come on-site and perform a wireless survey and connect up to 3 devices (such as a laptop, iPad, printer or smart phone).
Includes free wireless router and 30-day guarantee.

Flexible Service

Do you or your organization need technical assistance but have a variety of items to be addressed? Our flexible support service is the answer!

Remote Support

Need help setting up that new gadget, printer or software? If you have an internet connection, we can help you by phone and work on your Mac or PC remotely.

On-site Support

Let one of our qualified technicians come on-site to help you.
We can resolve most computer related issues on the spot!

Pre-paid Support

Interested in taking advantage of a lower rate for larger projects, such as setting up or repairing more than one computer or network? Then pre-paid support is a perfect fit! It works just like a pre-paid calling card for computer services.

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