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With our range of knowledge and experience, our certified technicians are the right choice for your business. Total Network Security from SOS is the most complete package available today.

Total Security from SOS is a versatile set of security services we have rolled out to thousands of systems that benefits business owners like you by allowing companies to economically upgrade as they grow. In addition our security is completely hands off and hassle-free. We eliminate the need for maintenance, updating, equipment purchases and multiple contracts by managing these items for you. Total Network Security is worry-free and is designed to give peace of mind for your business in and around Honolulu, Pearl City, Kapolei, Windward and greater Oahu.

Question: is your current IT security strategy protecting your data breaches, infections, time and data loss and overall problems? What would it cost to bring your business back on-line if your office systems were infected with ransomware (such as Cryptolocker)? How much productivity could be recovered if adware and junkware were kept off your office machines?

Our regular security analysis provides vulnerability and compliance management
solutions that integrate security risk discovery prioritization remediation and reporting.

  • Define and manage security policies to monitor compliance within the industry.
  • Single view of security risk information within the IT environment – across all
    locations and assets.
SOS Total Network Security
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Content Filtering

Content filtering allows the choice of specific subjects titles or even words to restrict what kind of material is accessible on a network. It can be used to block access to sites deemed inappropriate.

Anti-Virus Protection

To operate your business safely, anti-virus software should be enforced and monitored at all times across the entire network.

Advanced Protection

Inspection across any port and Protocol, for either inbound or outbound traffic provides ultimate coverage against today’s threats.

Application intelligence and control provides granular control and real-time visualization of applications to guarantee bandwidth prioritization and ensure maximum network security and productivity.

Comprehensive logging and application traffic analytics of all intrusion attempts. The ability to filter logs enables SOS to highlight attacks.


We Earn Your Confidence

by going the extra mile to bring you only the best, right fit technology solutions for your company.

Total Network Security from SOS Includes:

  • Installation, hardware and software licensing
  • Firewall updates
  • Firewall hardware upgrades
  • Software installation and management
  • Monthly reporting for bandwidth and service usage

SOS brings you outsourced security services to ensure the with consistency and reliability of your office systems and thus the life of your business. Serving Honolulu, Pearl City, Kapolei, Windward and greater Oahu, we offer IT Security Services that can help your growing business compete in an evolving market.

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